Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emmie Sue McNeil

Emmie Sue's arrival (Allen's narrative):

Sunday morning....

5:10 - Patrice woke me up informing me that she thinks her water broke, that she is having very bad contractions, and that we should probably call her mom to come over and be with Evan while we go to the hospital.

5:10 and 2 seconds - I jumped out of bed.

5:12 - I called Sue to come over and then jumped in the shower knowing that we had a few minutes until Sue got to our house and hoping Patrice wouldn't realize that I had jumped in the shower.

5:23 - I am out of the shower and getting dressed. Sue had arrived at our house. Still hoping Patrice hadn't noticed that I had jumped in the shower.

5:30 - I had things packed in the car and we were ready to go.

5:30 and 10 seconds - Drove over bump at the end of the driveway and Patrice yelled at me to slow down and not drive over bumps.

5:40 - Driving very quickly to the new Park CIty hospital. Patrice still yelling at me to slow down and stop driving over bumps. I agreed to do so and then sped up.

5:45 - Almost to the hospital. I asked Patrice if she was timing her contractions (because I had been and they seemed to be 2-3 minutes apart). Patrice said there was no break in the pain and thus could not distinguish contractions.

5:50 - Arrived at hospital. Main entrance was closed so we parked in the E.R. entrance and went in.

5:51 - I told E.R. intake guy that we needed to go to Labor and Delivery. Patrice told him that she needed an epidural (not sure he orders those).

5:52 - Debate between two E.R. workers, me, and Patrice about whether or not she can sit in a wheelchair to be pushed to Labor and Delivery. Patrice informs second E.R. worker that she needs an epidural.

5:53 - In wheelchair and heading to Labor and Delivery. E.R. guy pushing wheelchair tells Patrice she probably shouldn't push.

5:54 - Passed the early morning cleaning crew. Patrice asks them for an epidural.

5:55 - Made it to Labor and Delivery. Patrice informs all nurses that she needs an epidural and inquires how long it will take to get one. Nurses take Patrice to her delivery room.

5:56 - Debate between Patrice and nurse about whether Patrice can go to the bathroom before the nurse checks her. Patrice lost the debate, but won the subsequent debate about whether she had to put on the hospital gown (result = Patrice stayed in my lucky Patriots shirt). Fresh off of her no gown victory, Patrice again requests and epidural.

5:57 - Nurse checks Patrice and says that she is "complete" and ready to deliver. Patrice informs the nurse that she cannot deliver the baby without an epidural. Nurse will not make eye contact with Patrice and mumbles something about seeing what the doctor says.

6:02 - Another epidural request. Nurse tells Patrice not to push.

6:07 - Another epidural request. Even less eye contact, no mumbling or response whatsoever. Nurse again tells Patrice not to push. Patrice kindly suggests to the nurse that she is in fact not pushing, that her body is doing it by itself.

6:11 - Dr. arrives at hospital and is immediately greeted with an epidural request. Dr. informs Patrice she will not be getting one. I wait for Patrice to lose it, but she does not. She listens to the nurse and starts slowing down her breathing.

6:12 - Dr. is speaking with nurse and says she is going to check Patrice, but then says there is no need cause she can see that the baby is coming.

6:15 - A few good pushes from Patrice, and....

6:17 - Emmie Sue is born!!!!!

6:18 - Patrice informs me that she will spell Emmie (as opposed to Emmy) however she wants.

6:18 and .05 seconds - I agree.

Patrice was unbelievable. I can't believe that she delivered our little Emmie without an epidural. She is an amazing, wonderful, and beautiful wife and mom.

This is one happy dad to finally see his little girl.

Our beautiful little Emmie looks just like her mommy.
Grandma and Grandpa Shuppy were first to visit Emmie. Thank you so much for coming over to watch Evan and for bringing your camera to the hospital.
The next visitors to see Emmie were Grandma and Grandpa McNeil along with the Buti girls. Emmie loved to see that she has so many girls cousins to play with

Emmie first bath. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 19 inches long.

A visit from Aunt Giselle. Noah and Rajko would come and visit a little later. We also had visits from Sam and Tiana, Amy (arm pictured above), Cassie and Nate, Jane, Holly, and the Gunnersons. Thank you to everyone for visiting.

Emmie getting ready to head home on Monday afternoon.

And off we go on our new adventure....


Chelsea Johnson said...

Oh I loved reliving the whole story through your wonderful narrative! She is so beautiful! I'm so proud of Patrice for going through all that! Cannot wait to see her in person!!!!

Manda said...

I LOVED this and laughed out loud while reading while @ work yes everyone was looking @ me asking what's so funny but I don't care I love this story! Hey can I get an epidural? Hehe! She is so so CUTE I want to see her in person though! HOORAY for your beauty queen!

The Richards family said...

Allen I love that you will put something on the blog!.(I would like to know Wacey's narrative) It took me a month to get Dylan first picture even on my blog. I am so glad you have your baby girl and that our kids will be the same age. I hope I can teach Dylan to be a protective 2nd cousin to Emmie like you were a protective cousin to me! Hey I do have some girl clothes that I bought and washed but never used that you might be getting as a gift haha!!!

Billie Sue said...

Great story! I laughed so hard I was crying! In all my visits to you two, I have "heard" a little about the epidural requests, but didn't get the "real" story! Hilarious tale and a good one to have documentned. Emmie will love it! She is beautiful and really does look just like her Mommie. So glad she is here with all of us!

Billie Jo said...

Either my water just broke or I wet my pants laughing so hard from the retelling. I am only laughing because it happened to you guys. I better have an epidural and yes, I will pass the trophy right over Patrice! Emmie is beautiful and I can't wait to see what her cousin we be in 10 weeks!

Giselle Rasheta said...

Haha...the cleaning crew request was my absolutely favorite. I am so glad you have this recorded for all time. Can't wait to see Emmie Sue again. She is such a beautiful little girl.

Tyler and Mindy said...

Poor Patrice did just what all the books tell her to do and request an epidural from every hospital worker right when you walk in the hospital. Bless her heart. She is tough! Yikes!!! I love the narrative and Emmie is beautiful. My guess is #3 is born in the car. Good luck with your new adventure!!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Two children, two great childbrith stories. Mine are pretty darn boring. You two certainly know how to keep things exciting. All I know is that I would NEVER want to do it without an epidural! Great work, Patrice. Love that little Emmie.

kara said...

Congratulations! Am I bad blog friend to admit I didn't even know you guys were expecting?!? She is beautiful. You're a trooper Patrice. Good gravy. I can't believe the lack of compassion on the janitorial staff at that hospital. Good luck with number 2! I'm happy for all four of you!

Zach 'n' Amy said...

Hilarious. We Shuppy girls are very serious about epidurals. (Don't get us started) Congrats, she is beautiful! I can't wait to see her again!

Jody said...

Love the story! She is such a doll!!! Hope to run into sometime again Patrice. I'm sure you're feeling much better now that she's here.

Callister said...

Congratulations! Allen, your narrative was delightful! I died laughing that Patrice asked the morning crew for an epidural. Hey, if you need one, you need one no matter who administers it. :) Patrice, you are a rock star.

Sycamore Girl said...

Congratulations Patrice and Allen- and Evan! I didn't even know you were expecting! I too had my second baby in July.
My favorite part of the story is when you became "quiet" when the doc said No epidural. Like you just decided, OK- I gotta do this, so focus! Well done! Its just what your body is made to do!

Cheers to the new adventures of TWO little tykes! What a ride, eh?

Genevieve and Ryan Davis said...

Wow! What a story! I can't believe she came so fast! Congratulations guys! So happy for you!

Amber Thota said...

Thanks Allen - you were right on time ; )! Have a great b-day tomorrow and BTW congrats to you guys on Emmie Sue. Little girls are so sweet and I am sure Evan loves having a sister.